Why education is the key to cryptocurrency investment success

You might think that it is a bold statement to write but I firmly believe it: "cryptocurrency is the future of the internet, or at least it is the next stage in it's evolution." This is largely due to it's inherent superiority to legacy financial and technology systems that are in use today. Accepting this notion and understanding that this space is not only going to grow exponentially, but it is in fact accessible for anyone to invest should be enough to evoke some measure of excitement.

If you are able to see the bigger picture unfolding you should literally be salivating at idea of participating in the biggest opportunity of your lifetime. However, entering the unknown can be a scary proposition for many people, especially if it is a new area and perhaps a misunderstood concept. With that being said in this article I will explain why education is the key to cryptocurrency investment success.

We are constantly learning

Throughout our lives we are constantly learning. Learning is in fact essential to our very existence. Just like the food that we eat nourishes our bodies, gaining information and knowledge nourishes our minds.

Constant learning is a necessary part in us being able to develop critical thinking skills and be able to discover new ways of interacting with the world around us. The thought of going through life without continuous learning is unthinkable.

“The only thing that is constant is change”, Heraclitus.

Change can take many forms, be that in your career, in your personal life or in the society in which you live. But the most effective way in which we can deal with change is with lifelong learning.

By taking a path of wanting to learn enables you to acquire self-motivated persistence in being able to obtain knowledge and competencies that helps you to expand your skill set and develop future opportunities. It forms part of your development as an individual, it helps you to avoid stagnating and it enables you to reach your full potential in life.

Financial literacy is lacking

Society is very good at helping people learn many new things however one area that is desperately lacking is that of financial literacy. Too many people go through life at a frenetic pace and completely neglect the one area that can actually help to afford them a better future, which I find not only odd but somewhat sad.

A study from the financial institute TIAA-CREF highlighted that individuals with high financial literacy have double the wealth of those who don’t have a plan in place for their retirement. More concerning is that those who have low financial literacy actually borrow more, have less wealth, and end up paying unnecessary fees for financial products.

Financial freedom is a mental emotional and educational process - Robert Kyosaki

I get it, understanding and learning about the financial world isn't particularly sexy in most people's eyes, in fact they probably glaze over at the mere thought of anything to do with it. But surely having enough money to be able to retire at a reasonable age; being able to live life comfortably on your own terms; being able to go on holiday whenever you want; and generally having a good quality of life in your later years is quite sexy, don't you think?

Crypto is actually sexy!

What I have learned over the past few years is that crypto and the systems that are being built to work within the ecosystem and are starting to permeate into many areas of our lives are something truly special; they are literally changing the world in so many ways and they are engaging in tasks that no one in human history ever thought possible.

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology operates in a decentralised as opposed to centralised system. In its essence that means pure freedom of choice and the ability to have self sovereignty is truly possible.

But our centralised lives are beholden only to the few. Why?

Because over the span of generations the capitalist system has effectively become corrupted. Not because it’s a bad idea, but corruption derives the benefit from power over others in morally objectionable ways. Gains are made from the inferior bargaining power of most workers and gains are made from the superior political influence of those in the best economic situations.

Crypto is however special because it allows an intricate patchwork of electricity and immutable code to perform the transactions in it's system of decentralisation.

These electrical, mathematically driven, incorruptible systems have the ability to operate in their purest form without the taint of nefarious middle men operating in a decaying legacy system. For once there is genuine trust being built into the bedrock of these new systems.

This is a new world, one where freedom has a chance, one where everyone has the opportunity to participate and one where there are no barriers to entry.

Surely being able to gain a knowledge and understanding of such a revolutionary and innovative system that also has the ability to make anyone life changing wealth is really sexy....well I certainly think so!

Taking the time to educate yourself in something so inspirational means you will then possess a set of skills and have the knowledge necessary to allow you to make informed and effective financial decisions which may very well lead to a much brighter financial future indeed.

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I'm Paul

I am on a mission to help people start a journey to financial freedom. The key to long term success is education and understanding the incredible opportunity that exists right now.

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