Why Bitcoin is the natural response to legalised theft.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

In my last article I wrote about why inflation is theft and put this in the context of property rights as being the basis for civilisation itself. In this article I will expand on that idea and explain why Bitcoin is the natural response to this theft by a system that has been pushed upon the world by governments and Central Banks.

In most countries property rights are quite good, for example you can open a bank account and put your fiat currency in it and have a degree of trust in the custodian to keep it safe.

However the system that has been imposed on the world by governments and Central Banks means that those rights will in fact become violated by inflation and in order to outpace it's effects some other form of investment is needed, otherwise your property will become significantly diluted over time.

On the face of it this might seem acceptable to you as this is the way it's always been and you might not have thought too much more about it. But the reality is you don't actually have full property rights over your money that you hold in a bank. Consider the restrictions that are imposed on where you can wire it to; think about the fact that you are constantly being surveilled in terms of how you choose to use your money and in essence your privacy rights are constantly being undermined by ever imposing custodians.

Bitcoin however is the first permanent implementation of this principle of inviolable property; it actually cannot be violated by anyone. No one can produce more than 21 million Bitcoin. It is not only an invention, but something has been discovered with Bitcoin, it is absolute scarcity for money. So in terms of the 5 properties of money, in terms of scarcity Bitcoin is not relative it is actually absolute, meaning it doesn't and will never change.

Bitcoin has proven itself over 13 years of flawless operation that it does 2 things essential