Crypto is a consensus revolution for the new rich.

On November 28, 1889 the Johnstown Flood occurred after the catastrophic failure of the South Fork Dam, located on the south fork of the Little Conemaugh River, 14 miles upstream of the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The dam ruptured after several days of extremely heavy rainfall and 2,200 people down stream lost their lives. This was the most significant man made loss of life in that time. It was a disaster and in that disaster lies a story that I will tell in this article.

Prior to the flood, the South Fork Fishing and Hunting club purchased the abandoned reservoir, made less than well-engineered repairs to the old dam, raised the lake level, built cottages and a clubhouse. The dam frequently sprang leaks and was patched, mostly with mud and straw; the club were well aware of the dangers, but the warnings were ultimately disregarded and a massive loss of life occurred as a result.

The fishing and hunting club was more like a country club for rich industrialists and one of the members was Andrew Carnegie. He was a steel magnate and in his industrialist capacity he helped to build the cities of America by providing the steel through his empire of steel mills.

He became distraught over the flood and because of it he proceeded to turn his life and wealth towards philanthropic efforts. The replacement of the Johnstown library became the first of many endeavours to use his immense wealth to benefit the wider society. Over the years that preceded the flood he established more than 3,000 public libraries throughout the United States, Britain, Canada and other English-speaking countries, as well as donating a large part of his wealth to educational institutions and universities.

What is interesting about that era of industrialisation is that the rich at the time got to be rich not only because of seizing the opportunities of the day but a lot was to do with who they knew and who they were connected to, as well as their relationships politically. This in essence is what we refer to as 'old money.'

This isn't old money when comparing the wealth that has been amassed by monarchies such as that which reigns in Britain. But in actuality in the U.S. its citizens are effectively descendants of that when it comes to its heritage.

The power that is represented by the monarchy, which has basically exercised the highest authority and power in the state going back many hundreds of years in history is really the source of most of the wealth in the world and if you are a student of history you will know that the 'New World Order' or what people refer to as 'globalisation' is a group of people who are essentially pulling the strings behind the scenes by using their money, wealth and power, and that money is connected to a system.

Andrew Carnegie was part of that system and after the disaster happened his heart was broken as he felt personally responsible for the deaths of the 2,200 people. With that pain he tried to make amends by donating and becoming one of the greatest philanthropists in American history.

Did he ever really pay back for the damage that was caused? No, but there is a lesson in this for all of us.

A consensus revolution

We are entering into a new phase in the evolutionary development of the world where you can be part of the new rich, if you choose to be.

I am sure that among this new class there will be many who will simply want to surround themselves with expensive material objects.

However, I am going to challenge you.

This is a really unique time; no longer are the generators of wealth connected to political power. The blockchain is something that I want you to see as an absolute miracle and what I would say is that we are entering a new phase in what could be described as a digital revolution or more precisely a 'consensus revolution.'

If the industrial revolution was about building mechanised systems to advance, modernise and industrialise the world resulting in many industrial behemoths that remain household names to this day, we are now coming into a new phase where the global consensus is going to be built by communities of likeminded people.

What is incredible about this time is that cryptocurrency mechanisms will grow and thrive that are disconnected from political power that you have an opportunity to engage with. But what I love about what is happening in the world is that it doesn't have the strings attached and it doesn't require you to know someone.

In the past you had to know someone to get ahead in society. Your Daddy had to be rich or have the connections to the right people. What the crypto space and blockchain has both changed and enabled is that wealth and value is being concentrated around what is essentially the consensus of likeminded people.

There is going to be technologies and contracts created that will generate wealth for anyone who wants to engage in it.

There will be many tools, instruments and vehicles that you will be able to engage with in this new economic revolution and if you choose to understand what those are you will be able to understand the new ones, and it's not going to be some meme coin based on a dog! This is a different model that you need to understand how to discern.

But what is incredible about this is that you are having the opportunity to engage in something and its a choice that you have to make.

Unlike in the past where you had to both know somebody as well as have access to capital, everything is changing and I want you to understand that the new rich in this world can be you, you truly have the opportunity to become part of the new rich.

The way I feel is that those who are now participating in crypto are in the process of winning the lottery in slow motion; they will become the new rich.

Why do I say this? Its simply because they saw something, they took advantage of it, they put faith in these things that are now gobbling up so much value, and decided to be a part of something new.

But what is the end goal?

Andrew Carnegie didn't think he was going to be part of something that killed 2,200 people with his decadence; he didn't think that playing around at a country club was going to cause so much loss of life because they didn't take care of the dam.

I'm not suggesting for a second that this scenario is going to happen again, but what I am saying is that we need to think about what happens when millions of people have an abundance that never had it before. I submit to you that I think something special is going to happen.

If you ever cross paths with someone who is entitled, perhaps the son of someone who is extremely wealthy and they know that they will inherit the family wealth, more often than not they are unproductive people.

The crypto space however is drawing together regular people who don't have a lot but realise that if they engage with these tools they can have a lot, they can have abundance and what is incredible about this is it is a revolution of care and discern for others.

What happens when regular people have more than they need? They care for the people who are around them. Also, when you are winning with people who are likeminded, you're more inclined to be generous with your time and to be a caring individual.

I know that this might seem as though I am rambling but I am trying to help you understand a breakthrough that I've had about what the blockchain means and ultimately what the future holds. If you choose to participate, you as well as I will find ourselves in positions of abundance and you are going to have to then ask yourself the question, 'when you've got all the nice material things, what is the real reason you have been given this abundance?'

What I would say is this, what has been paced on your heart; what is close to you; who are the people around you; what do you care about; and what are the needs? Everyone has different experiences, different family dynamics and different things that they care about.

This is a very temporal life, we don't have much time, it goes by very quickly and its really not about what you consume but its about making life better and leaving a legacy. The question is, 'what is that for you?' That is something that ultimately you have to decide, but so many of us who grew up poor and have seen this opportunity and find that they are in a position of abundance have a really good opportunity to transform the communities around us and care for the people that have been placed in their hearts.

With that comes great things such as respect and power, but it also comes with a significant amount of responsibility.

Also, what is incredible about this is that no one controls the blockchain, no one controls the source of this instrument of wealth, there is no reason why we shouldn't share it with others. It is something that anyone can engage with.

This is the picture that I have in my mind for the consensus revolution.

If you chose to move a house you could of course move it with a crane, or you could get a big group of people to do it. With the combined power and effort of a lot of people working together the load seems light. That is the picture of this future where we are going to win together because the sum of all those parts coming together will produce something great.

Something special is happening

I think that there is something happening in the world and the powers that be are going to pour so much money and resources into blockchain and cryptocurrencies thinking that they are going to get a great reward, but in reality the more they invest the more it destroys their current legacy system and to me that is so exciting because it puts the power in the hands of people without strings attached.

I want to literally scream from the roof tops that these opportunities exist now and they will continue to exist in the future because the next 10 years will be the most exciting new revolutions in wealth generation, which I hope will be used for good and it takes people like you and me, who are not entitled because we have simply not had the opportunity to be are going to have an abundance that we can then share with others.

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I'm Paul

I am on a mission to help people start a journey to financial freedom. The key to long term success is education and understanding the incredible opportunity that exists right now.

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