Are Ethereum gas fees strangling the crypto bull? Will PulseChain help to save the day?

Social media has been alive recently with many animated discussions and vitriol regarding the quite unpalatable gas fees that are being charged to transact on the Ethereum network. In this article I will put forward the notion that the Ethereum gas fees could end up being a contributing factor that strangles the crypto bull market and I will hypothesize that the launch of Pulse Chain could help to save the day.

Now I'm not very savvy when it comes to the different hashtags and jargon on social media, so when I first started seeing #LFG I thought to myself 'does this have something to do with the gas fees?' The world seems to love making up topical acronyms, so could it be that people are rising up against the Ethereum miners with a 'Lower Fu%#ing Gas' hashtag? A quick Google search put me straight; this actually refers to online discussions and chat by Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) players to indicate their will of being invited in a group to do dungeons, cooperative tasks, kill a big boss, etc... Oh well it fits the narrative and is really quite apt don't you think?

This doesn't detract from the border line criminal fees being asked by the Ethereum miners at the moment. In actual fact the following Tweets are quite telling.