Choose Your Course

  • Bronze

    Introduction to Cryptocurrency
    • A complete introductory video course
    • Beginner friendly
    • Over 2 hours of content
    • A simple to follow step-by-step guide
  • Silver

    Perfect for the more adventurous beginner
    • All Bronze level video presentations
    • 13 extra videos introducing DeFi platforms & strategies
    • Learn about high interest crypto earning methods
    • Find out out how to become your own bank
    • 45 minute one-on-one video tuition call
  • Gold

    The ultimate cryptocurrency investor program
    • All Bronze level video presentations
    • All Silver level video presentations
    • 10 videos analyzing a high interest paying crypto product
    • 5 videos assessing a new project and its profit potential
    • A 1 1/2 hour one-on-one video tuition call

Course Overview

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Bronze is a perfect introduction course to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

10 easy to follow video presentations:

  • Module 1 - Money vs Currency - why it's important to know the difference

  • Module 2 - Let's get real - a quick reality check for new investors

  • Module 3 - Should you invest in cryptocurrency? - the pros and cons of cryptocurrency investing

  • Module 4 - Understanding Bitcoin

  • Module 5 - A look at the blockchain space

  • Module 6 - How to buy your first cryptocurrency

  • Module 7 - Cryptocurrency safety - the best ways to store your cryptocurrency assets

  • Module 8 - Market cycles - the importance of understanding them

  • Module 9 - The best and simplest ways to invest your cryptocurrency

  • Module 10 - Common mistakes new cryptocurrency investors make and how you can avoid them. 




Silver is perfect for the new cryptocurrency investor who wants to expand their knowledge and be able to understand how they can leverage certain platforms and protocols to maximize their investment portfolio.

In addition to all of the Bronze level video presentations:

  • 45 minute zoom call to discuss any aspect of crypto and help with progression 



  • Module 1 - What is DeFi? - An introduction to Decentralised Finance

  • Module 2 - How is DeFi different from traditional finance?

  • Module 3 - DeFi coins and tokens

  • Module 4 - Getting started in DeFi (parts 1-4)

  • Module 5 - Ethereum gas fees - how to minimize them

  • Module 6 - Other ways you can make money with DeFi

  • Module 7 - The dangers of DeFi

  • Module 8 - Innovations in DeFi 






Gold is the ultimate cryptocurrency investor course. The knowledge gained will allow any new investor to have a rich and broad understanding of the entire cryptocurrency space and have the confidence to be able to embark on a journey to financial freedom.


In addition to having access to the Bronze and Silver video presentations you will get:

  • A 1 1/2 hour one-on-one Zoom call with me so that I can help you to progress on your journey with confidence.



  • Module 1 - An in depth look at an innovative cryptocurrency product that is the first high interest paying Blockchain Certificate of Deposit

  • Module 2- Why this product is a cryptocurrency asset and not a currency

  • Module 3 - The power of staking with this product

  • Module 4 - A step by step guide to use this product

  • Module 5 - An example to demonstrate the earning potential of this product

  • Module 6 - Some key points worth understanding

  • Module 7 - A complete buying guide walkthrough

  • Module 8 - A look at some analytical tools

  • Module 9 - Using the Metamask cryptocurrency wallet

  • Module 10 - A cryptocurrency problem (part 1 & 2)

  • Module 11 - A genuine solution to the problem (part 1 & 2)

  • Module 12 - Price predictions and how you can participate and profit from this solution and upcoming event       

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