In addition to including the Bronze course, Silver will expand on a basic understanding of cryptocurrency investing. In this course you will learn how it is possible to simplify a cryptocurrency portfolio whilst at the same time being able to maximize your earnings. If you accept that the cryptocurrency market can be volatile, learning how you are able to structure your portfolio for the long term by leveraging off some truly remarkable developments in a sector that has become known as 'DeFi' can be extremely powerful. Being able to optimize your future wealth creation potential, or earn a passive income, are both achievable and in this course I explain how. - Learn about Crypto maximizing methods and strategies that are rarely mentioned but are set to take the world of finance by storm. - Learn how to benefit from Crypto protocols and platforms that offer significantly more interest than is offered by any retail bank. - Gain a detailed knowledge about a sector that can enable you to become your own bank - Understand how you can prepare yourself to be in a better position to cope with the possibility of prolonged inflationary times following wanton money printing by Central Banks.

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