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Cryptocurrency enthusiast and proud father

I discovered the world of cryptocurrency in 2017 and my life hasn't been the same since. I am not saying this because I have made my fortune, but what I have done is go on a journey of discovery and learning. I have had my eyes opened to an area of technology that I believe will change lives as well as the way many industries operate. 

If I am perfectly honest when I first became involved with cryptocurrency I was somewhat naïve and very green. Like many people at the time I got caught up in the euphoria of a bull market. I listened to the wrong people when I should have trusted my own intuition, and I didn't spend enough time learning, instead I made rash decisions that proved to be costly. I was however hooked.


Since then I have been able to reflect on what I did wrong and consequently I have refined my investment thesis. What became abundantly clear is that investing in cryptocurrency doesn't have to be over complicated, but in order to stand a chance of long term success education is essential. Ever since my appetite for learning about what I can only describe as a digital revolution has been insatiable.


Over the last couple of years the pace at which world is changing has increased considerably. But what I have noticed is the wealthy people getting ever richer, whilst the the average person is just treading water. 

Cryptocurrency is the biggest opportunity I have seen in my lifetime, but in this revolution the playing field is levelled. Anyone can participate, not just those who have money.


I am now making it my mission to impart my knowledge in order to help others learn about this growing and fascinating sector, as I believe this is your chance to get on a path to financial freedom.

Why not watch the FREE introductory video below on why investing in Crypto makes sense?

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Free introduction video - Why investing in crypto makes sense

Free introduction video - Why investing in crypto makes sense

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I want to help you achieve long term success

Anyone Can Learn

To the average person the idea of making investment decisions can be in itself a daunting proposition, let alone making those decisions in a seemingly complicated and technical area such as cryptocurrency.


You would be right in thinking that it is a technical area; some of the brightest brains in the world are working on projects that will literally disrupt many business sectors.


Don't let that deter you, I firmly believe with the right education, guidance and where necessary mentorship, anyone can learn the basics and get to participate in the opportunity of a lifetime.

Keep It Simple

Far too many people see cryptocurrency and the social media driven hype and think that it is a means to make money quickly.


Yes, you can make life changing wealth, however it is not a get rich quick scheme. Entering into the space blindly, without any understanding or knowledge is fool hardy. The cryptocurrency market can be extremely volatile and without the right mindset, strategies and information the investment journey that should be long and fruitful will turn out to be very short lived indeed.

I want to try and ensure that does not happen.