Cryptocurrency Beginners Course

Cryptocurrency education simplified. Everything you need to know to get started and operate safely. The only course that offers personal video calls to help you become a confident, proficient and successful cryptocurrency investor.   

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Join the digital revolution & start on your journey to financial freedom today! 

Cryptocurrency is the fastest growing technology we've ever witnessed in human history. Ten years ago people doubted it, laughed at it and dismissed it. Today countries are starting to adopt it. 

What is often rejected and feared is typically not understood. While the wealthy and master investors turned their backs to Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space, they are slowly opening their eyes and are starting to see the potential of what this currency and technology really is. 

My mission is to help people better understand exactly why the average person cannot afford to continue dismissing the potential for building wealth with cryptocurrency. Blockchain is happening and there is a major shift in wealth and purchasing power taking place.


I believe that everyone owes it to themselves and their future generations to learn about and find out how you can leverage the potential that this new digital world represents for you.

Anyone can participate in this revolution. The cost of entry is low, it's decentralized, and for the first time you are not restricted by your income to take advantage.


Money printing by central banks and the resulting inflation is having a detrimental effect on your purchasing power. The cryptocurrency space however gives you the tools to both protect and grow your wealth.

Take the middle men out of the equation and start to become your own bank!  

Massive Potential 

Education is Key 

For Everyone 


Simple steps to start crypto investing

About me

My name is Paul Fordham and I have a passion for helping people learn about alternative methods of investing that I believe will give anyone an opportunity to get on a path to financial freedom.

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